Baseus UltraControl Go Series Clamp Type Phone Holder

Baseus UltraControl Go Series Clamp Type Phone Holder

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Effortlessly secure your smartphone in your vehicle with Baseus UltraControl Go Series Clamp Type Phone Holder. The advanced adhesive technology used in this phone holder is designed to stay strong even in extreme temperatures. So, whether it’s blazing hot outside or freezing cold, your phone stays securely in place. Unlike other phone holders, the Baseus Clamp Type Phone Holder has a special adhesive that you can wash. So, if it gets dirty, rinse it to make it sticky again. 

This phone holder is flexible and can stick to different parts of your car, such as the windshield, dashboard, or even the passenger seat. So, whether you want your phone nearby or hidden away, it can fit wherever you need it to go. with the built-in tightening knob, allowing you to adjust how tightly your phone is held.
No more struggling with complicated controls – just twist the knob to make your phone holder fit exactly how you want it to. Furthermore, the anteroposterior design of the Baseus Mechanical Clamping makes sure that both the driver and passengers can see the phone screen well, making journeys safer and more comfortable. Whether driving in the city or on a long road trip, you can use your phone easily without getting distracted.

Baseus Mechanical Clamping Quick Specifications:

  • Brand Name: Baseus ultraControl Go Series Clamp-Type Phone Holder
  • Model No: BS-CM025
  • Its damping clamping arms secure the phone with a tight grasp
  • Vacuum suction cup with 6kg load capacity
  • Fine gear structure ensures no squeaking sound
  • Removable nano adhesive that won’t fall off
  • It comes in Black color
  • Made of ABS material
  • Weighs 154g
  • Protect phones from sudden brakes, speed bumps, bumpy roads, and more
  • Widely applicable

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