Baseus GaN5 Fast Charger Mini 1C 30W UK

Baseus GaN5 Fast Charger Mini 1C 30W UK



Say goodbye to long charging times when you have Baseus GaN5 Fast Charger Mini 1C 30W UK. It provides rapid charging at speeds of up to 30W and allows you to power up your devices much faster than with standard chargers. 

Safety is the top priority that’s why Baseus brings reliable and fast chargers for iPhone and Android to its customers. Baseus GaN5 guarantees hassle-free charging through its 9+ protection features

From overcurrent protection to overvoltage protection, from short circuit protection to temperature control, this charger protects both your device and the charger. It is equipped with a BCT (Baseus Chip Technology) smart control system, this advanced technology ensures that your devices get just the right amount of power which maximizes their battery life and overall performance. 

When it comes to portability, the size really matters. The Baseus GaN5 Fast Charger Mini has a compact and lightweight design that is 31% smaller than typical chargers. 

  • Product name: Baseus GaN5 fast charger mini 1C 30W UK
  • Model No: CCGAN30UK
  • It is available in cluster black and moon white color.
  • It accepts input from AC 110-240V~, 50/60Hz, with a maximum current of 0.8A.
  • The Type-C output varies, offering 5.0V-3.0A (15.0W), 9.0V-3.0A (27.0W), 12.0V-2.0A (24.0W), 15.0V-2.0A (30.0W), and 20.0V-1.5A (30.0W) maximum.
  • The product measures 49.6×44×40mm in size.
  • It provides fast charging for Apple and Android devices
  • It can charge iPhone 14 Pro 50% in just 26 min
  • With Power Delivery (PD) 30W compatibility, the GaN5 offers universal support for a wide range of devices
  • The GaN5 uses Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology to work really well and stay cool

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Cluster Black, Moon White


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