Baseus 3000A Car Jump Starter | Super Energy Ultra

Baseus 3000A Car Jump Starter | Super Energy Ultra

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Now you can buy Baseus 3000A Car Jump Starter at Baseus Official Store in Pakistan. With advanced technology, this device leads the industry, ensuring continuous power and connectivity wherever you are. 

Thanks to its user-friendly interface and design, which requires minimal effort. Baseus car jump starters are designed for easy portability. This jump starter showcases a sleek, compact design paired with a deluxe leather handle. Its lightweight structure ensures easy transportation, making it an excellent choice for travel, outdoor activities, or daily commutes.

Baseus 3000A Car Jump Starter is designed to endure extreme conditions. It can jump-start your vehicle even in freezing temperatures as low as -20°C. With a swift look, you’ll have a clear indication of the remaining power, providing reassurance throughout your adventures. It is equipped with a high-brightness LED light for emergencies. With its built-in compass, this device ensures you’re always heading in the correct direction.

With its PD 100W fast charging capability, this device can rapidly charge your laptop, cell phone, and other accessories in no time.

  • Model No: BS-CH005
  • It has 26800mAh/99.2 Wh of capacity
  • Total output: Type-C+USB 1/USBA2+DC2: 60W+15W+60W = 135W
  • Total output: Type-C+USBA1+USBA2: 5V-6A
  • Jump starter: 12Vdc
  • Starting current: 1000A
  • Peak current: 3000A
  • It is made of ABS+PC material
  • It has 1.2kg of weight
  • It can charge various devices simultaneously
  • With 12 safety protections integrated.
  • Holding multiple international certifications, including CE, FCC, and RoHS


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