Baseus Platinum Vehicle Eyewear Clip (Clamping Type)

Baseus Platinum Vehicle Eyewear Clip (Clamping Type)




    • Made of quality material, durable for long term use


    • Easy to install, clip-like design, not easy to fall


    • Keep your glasses away from dropping, scratching, missing, make it safer


    • Fits all glasses and sunglasses, great accessory for your car


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Baseus Platinum Vehicle Eyewear Clip (Clamping Type)


    • Console or dashboard, which is not very convenient and sometimes they easily fall to the floor of the car.


    • And they can not be easily found and picked up.


    • Other than that, putting glasses on the front of the car window can be damaged by high heat.


    • Bezos has developed a clamp that can be used to perform several different functions.


    • This clamp is made of ABS metal and plastic and two layers of sponge are placed inside its handles so that it will not be damaged by the device you want to put inside it.


    • You can use the Baseus leather design hook to attach the hook to the car awning and use the Eyewear Clip.


    • Put the handles of your glasses inside this clip and always place it in a fixed place away from any damage.


    • Apart from glasses, you can hang a credit card, cable, cordless handsfree, etc. on it.

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