Baseus Lotis Y1 Cat Water Fountain

Baseus Lotis Y1 Cat Water Fountain

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Baseus Lotis Y1 Smart Pet Water Dispenser

Caring for your beloved feline has become significantly easier with our Baseus Lotis Y1 Cat Water Fountain. It plays a vital role in maintaining your cat’s hydration, health, and well-being. The gentle flow of water from the fountain imitates the natural spring. It encourages cats to increase their water intake throughout the day. 

One of the standout features of this product is its whisper-quite operation which creates a peaceful environment for you and your cat. This product by Baseus allows you to adjust the water flow modes(constant mode and interval mode) to suit your cat’s preferences.

With low energy consumption, it provides maximum benefits to your cats. It is equipped with dual filters which ensures the water remains pure and free from impurities. Just with a few taps on your device, you can monitor your cat’s water intake. Whether you are at your home or away, just simply connect the Baseus Cat Water Fountain to your smartphone.

It accommodates double or single water bowls, making it ideal for households with multiple pets. It ensures better stability, reduces the chances of tipping, and establishes a secure drinking environment for your pets. It provides fresh and soft water through its custom 4-layer filters including Micro-pore PP mesh (removes hair and crumbs), High-density cotton filter (removes sediment dirt), Granular activated carbon (removes remaining chlorine and odor), and Lon exchange resin (removes magnesium and calcium ions).