Baseus Lite Series USB-A & Type-C to SD/TF Card Reader

Baseus Lite Series USB-A & Type-C to SD/TF Card Reader

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Buy USB-A & Type-C to SD/TF Card Reader by Baseus in Pakistan. This card reader belongs to the Baseus Lite Series.


2-in-1, Fast and Efficient

Lite Series USB-A & Type-Cto SD/TF Card Reader
①2-in-1 port: Phone/computer compatible
②USB 3.0 dual-card read: SD/TF card simultaneous reading
③Anti-loss caps: Thoughtful anti-loss design
④Indicator light: Working status at a glance

Two Versions Available

①Dual-port Version USB-A & Type-C2-in-1 Design, Phone/tablet/computer applicable, easy and convenient.

②Single-port Version USB-APerfect for Computer, Higher Work Efficiency

USB 3.0 Dual-Card Simultaneous Read Reads SD and TF cards at the same time, fast transferring large files offline, higher efficiency for your work. Suitable for Cameras, Car DVRs, Surveillance cameras, Drones, Phones, Tablets, Computers And more

Access pictures in your camera with your phone,Transfer pictures in bulk,Watch recorded video in your car DVR with your phone

Connect to Your Phone To Get More Work Done

Transfer pictures and videos to your phone, and get more work done with just your phone.
*Only the dual-port version supports this function.

Connect to Your Tablet For More Efficient Work and Study
*Phones and tablets must support OTG function.

Working Status at a Glance

When you plug in the card reader, the indicator lights up; during data transmission, it flashes.

Anti-Loss Caps for Easy StorageYou can place the cap onto the other end to avoid losing.

Plug and PlayPlug and play with your computer, easy and convenient.

Up to 2TB Large-Capacity Data Transmission

High-quality Metal Material, Fast Heat dissipation Aluminum alloy material with sandblasted oxidation process for the shell, durable with premium texture.

Driver-Free, Compatible with Multi-System
Driver-free installation for Windows, Apple OS, Linux, Vista systems.

Compatible Type-C DevicesLaptops


Product Size

Name: Baseus Lite Series USB-A & Type-c to SD/TF Card ReaderMode: lBS-OH069
Color: Gray
Weight: About 18g
Input port: USB A Type-c
Output port: SD/TF
Transfer rate: 104MB/s(Max)
Compatible Systems: for Windows, Apple OS, Linux, Vista etc.

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