Baseus Invisible Phone Ring Holder

Baseus Invisible Phone Ring Holder



Baseus Invisible Phone Ring Holder provides you with a firm and secure hold on your phone. With this ring holder enjoy effortless rotation and easily swipe the screen with one hand. Using this ring holder, you can easily attach it to a car holder.

With its vertical and horizontal support mode, free your hands and attain the ideal viewing angle. Whether you are watching videos, following a recipe in the kitchen, or video calling. Enjoy its light and luxurious texture with a comfortable hold.
Reduce the risk of dropping your phone, while taking photos, scrolling through social media, or simply texting. With built-in magnetic features, this phone ring holder effortlessly attaches to magnetic car mounts, enabling convenient hands-free navigation during drives. Enhance your grip with Baseus Invisible Phone Ring Holder.

  • It comes in three colors including tarnish, rose gold, and silver
  • Made of high-quality zinc alloy material
  • 2.1mm thickness
  • 9.2g weight
  • It has a 360° rotation with a round disk
  • It helps to protect the phone from damage
  • Offers 120° opening angle.
  • It can bear up to 5kg of weight
  • Similar to the thickness of a RMB 1 Yuan coin

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Rose Gold, Silver, Grey