Baseus Heyo Rotation Countdown timer Pro

Baseus Heyo Rotation Countdown timer Pro

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Achieve effortless time monitoring with Baseus Heyo Rotation Countdown Timer Pro. It has an HD display screen providing crystal-clear readability. From tracking intense workout sessions to crucial presentations or even your grandma’s secret recipes in the oven, this countdown timer is ideal for you.

This makes managing your time a breeze and adds extra convenience. The Baseus Heyo Rotation Countdown Timer Pro includes a magnetic backing and a bracket. Whether it’s on the fridge, your desk, or mounted on a wall, it gives you the flexibility to place it wherever you want.  
You can customize the timer’s sound alerts to match your liking and surroundings using its three volume settings. Enjoy watching the timer’s lights blink in a cool pattern with the starry flashing feature. It adds a bit of fun to keeping track of time. 

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If you need to focus without any noise, switch to silent mode and the timer will work quietly in the background. Thanks to its long-lasting battery, the Baseus countdown timer guarantees uninterrupted time management. You can rely on its consistent performance through over 1000 timing sessions and more.

  • Brand: Baseus
  • Model: YGH-5237
  • Constructed from durable ABS
  • Voltage: Operates at 4.5V
  • Suitable for use in environments ranging from 0℃ to 50℃
  • Offers a timing range from 0 to 99 minutes and 0 to 55 seconds
  • Features three volume settings – mute (0dB), small volume gear (60-70dB), and large volume gear (80-90dB)
  • Compact dimensions measuring 78x78x27.5mm


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