Baseus ClearSight Rearview Mirror Waterproof Film Clear, Pack of 2

Baseus ClearSight Rearview Mirror Waterproof Film Clear, Pack of 2

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ClearSight Rearview Mirror Waterproof Film Clear, Baseus Pack of 2

Take care of your safety on the road. The Baseus transparent mirror film has been treated with a hydrophobic coating and reduces glare, giving you excellent visibility regardless of the conditions. It is also very durable and resistant to damage. Its installation will also not cause you any problems – it will only take a moment. The product fits the mirrors of most cars, and its thickness is only 0.27 mm.


For the sake of your safety

Forget about fogged up mirrors and enjoy great visibility even in inclement weather. Baseus hydrophobic film prevents water droplets and water vapor from settling, and reduces glare. As a result, you can always see perfectly what is happening on the road! All this helps minimize the risk of an accident and increases the level of safety when traveling by car.


Top quality workmanship

Among other things, high quality PET plastic was used to make the film, which ensures its high durability and resistance to wear, scratches or other types of damage. The product is also very easy to install, and once you stick it to the mirror, it will stably stay in place. Don’t worry that it will fall off after some time! The film is also resistant to harsh weather conditions – it will perform well in temperatures from -20°C to 85°C.