Baseus Minimalist Series Protective Case for Pad Pro (2018/2020/2021/2022) 11-inch

Baseus Minimalist Series Protective Case for Pad Pro (2018/2020/2021/2022) 11-inch



Baseus Minimalist protective case for iPad Pro

Looking for effective protection for your iPad? The Baseus protective case will be perfect for you! It provides great protection against bumps, scratches or dirt. What’s more, it will be a perfect stand while playing, drawing or doing homework. In addition, the case will save your iPad’s energy, as it is equipped with a wake-up and sleep function.


Safety guarantee

The Baseus Minimalist protective case is a guarantee of safety, as it will protect your iPad equally on the front and back. What’s more, it shows excellent resistance to bending. It will also disperse impacts and protect your tablet from bending. For even more protection, the 4 edges of the Baseus case have been further reinforced. As a result, they will absorb the impact when falling to the ground.


Tailored to your needs

Baseus case was created with your needs in mind, so it is distinguished by its foldable design and adjustable viewing angle. You can easily position your iPad vertically or horizontally. This makes the case perfect for watching programs, viewing short movies, reading or playing games. It will be perfect for any situation!


Comfort of use

Baseus Minimalist is not only a perfect protection for iPad, but also a comfort of use. It stands out for its ultra-thin design and light weight of up to 150g. What’s more, you will be able to save power in your equipment thanks to the auto wake and sleep function. Just open the case to wake up the iPad and close it to go to sleep.


Thoughtful design

The protective case was created with high quality materials, making it smooth to the touch and stain resistant. What’s more, it’s equipped with 4 special holes that will dissipate heat and cool your tablet. In addition, there is also a holder for styluses such as Baseus Stylus Pens, Apple Pencil II and Apple Pencil I. This way you will always have them with you already!


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Galaxy Blue, Moon White, Nebula Purple, Twilight Grey