Baseus Magnetic Wireless Charging Power bank 6000mAh 20W Blue

Baseus Magnetic Wireless Charging Power bank 6000mAh 20W Blue

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    • Brand: Baseus
    • Model: PPCX020001 / PPCX020002
    • Battery: Polymer Lithium Battery
    • Wireless Charge Output: 15W
    • Capacity: 6000mAh / 3.85V / 23.1 Wh
    • Rated Capacity: 3500mAh (5V/2.4A)
    • Energy Conversion Rate:≥75%
    • Type-C Input: 5V/2.4A; 9V/2A; 12V/1.5A
    • Type-C Output: 5V/3A; 9V/2.22A; 12V/1.5A
    • Total Output: 5V/2.4A

High Power

Charge your device at a fast pace with 20W of power for wired charging and 15W for wireless charging.

Compact design

    • The power bank will even fit in your pocket.
    • The power bank will not overlap the camera island.
    • You can also use your smartphone while MagSage is charging wirelessly.

Robust security with no risk of damage

Damage to this device is impossible, and certainly not from overcharging.

This is due to the robust features of polymer battery, pure copper induction coils, smart chip.

As many as 8 different functions were used such as.

    • constant charging temperature
    • short circuit protection
    • magnetic field protection
    • overvoltage protection
    • overcurrent circuit breaker
    • under-voltage protection
    • overload protection
    • overheat protection