Baseus Keen Vision Glass Rainproof Agent Black

Baseus Keen Vision Glass Rainproof Agent Black

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  • 1. Name: Keen Vision Glass Rainproof Agent
  • 2. Form: liquid
  • 3. Capacity: 100ml
  • 4..Ingredients: triethanolamine TE0A, alkane, polyether-modified polydimethylsiloxane, Methyl-4-isothiazolinone-3-one hydrochloride, essence


Rainproof Spray:  The manufacturer Baseus offers an innovative method of protecting the windshield from various contaminants found on the car windows. The spray protects against rain and fogging is effective for more than 30 days and provides a clear and clean view. It removes any greasy oil stains or simply dirt resulting from everyday driving. It does not in any way affect the filter and glass surface of the windows. It prevents rain drops and streaks from being left behind.

Safety First and Foremost/Strong: According to statistics, the probability of accidents on rainy days is 13 times higher than on sunny days. Even a slight carelessness can lead to various dangerous situations on the road. This is caused by three factors, including blurred reflection in car mirrors, any dirt on the windows or lack of visibility through the morning mist.

Invisible Layer: The application of the spray will result in another protective coating on the glass that repels water molecules. Thanks to the group of organic compounds, it is possible to form a hydrophobic layer, which has a similar effect to lotus leaves. Water drops slowly fall along the leaves without leaving traces. Before use, rain attaches itself to the glass and causes visible streams. After the application of the substance, the molecules have no possibility of fixing themselves.

Extreme Durability: The coating applied once lasts up to 30 days, and during this time its effectiveness is not reduced. There is no need to repeat the application many times, which further increases comfort during use. One such 100ml bottle will serve for about six months. The product is designed only for motor vehicles.

Functionality and Efficiency:  Defending against rain during the freeway route is a priority. It is a relief for automatic wipers that do not always keep up with the rain. It is important that the drops disappear from the driver’s view as soon as possible. The use of Baseus spray guarantees total resistance to rain at a speed of 40km/h, and the flowing particles will not distract attention. In addition, the liquid is able to remove other stubborn and greasy stains with a methyl-based active substance. It will make the windows perfectly transparent and shiny.

Practical Usage: The whole construction of the product has been designed for simple and quick use. The automatic bottle will help to save a lot of time and reduce the effort. All you have to do is first open the container, pour the contents of the bottle with the appropriate liquid, and close the lid. Before application, you should thoroughly clean and dry the selected area. Then hold down the button at the top and keep the spherical movements. After 5-10 minutes it is good to gently wipe the glass with a dry towel.