Baseus Formaldehyde Purifier With Molecular Probiotics

Baseus Formaldehyde Purifier With Molecular Probiotics

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Improve indoor air quality and enhance your living environment with our Baseus Formaldehyde Purifier With Molecular Probiotics. This purifier tracks and neutralizes formaldehyde and other harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found indoors. 

You don’t need regular air purifiers that rely on filters or chemical agents when you have Baseus Formaldehyde Purifier. It creates a healthier environment while eliminating harmful pollutants. Its modern design will complement your interior decor when you place it on your desk, shelf, lounge, or kitchen. It undergoes color change from blue( before removing), to light blue(absorbing formaldehyde), to white (formaldehyde decomposed) so you can know it is working. It will provide you with continuous and lasting purification.

Quick Specifications:

  • It tracks formaldehyde and breaks it down in harmless water and carbon dioxide
  • Changes color while working 
  • It is MSDS, CE, and RoHS certified
  • Biological purification, pregnancy, and infancy safe
  • It provides ongoing protection against harmful pollutants
  • It is safe to use without causing any irritation
  • Hardly noticeable nano-atomization spray