Baseus Enjoyment Series Multi-functional Type-C intelligent HD HUB Dark gray

Baseus Enjoyment Series Multi-functional Type-C intelligent HD HUB Dark gray

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his Baseus USB-C HUB Enjoyment CATSXG0G 20cm tiny tool that connects with more devices, makes it multifunctional. The composition of aluminum alloy finally helps it in fast heat dissipation when it is engaged with many devices at a time. It connects with a USB flash drive, keyboard, mouse, and mobile hard disk also.

Buy one Get one double our joy so Baseus USB-C HUB Enjoyment CATSXG0G is here to double our joy twice. Its a grey elegant design with 11 ports makes it unique and beyond imagination in the world of Docking stations. It is operatable with most of the devices moreover its Type- C flash port helps to charge other smartphones simultaneously.

Meanwhile, a VGA-connected projector makes meeting presentations clearer on the screen. It is the magic of Baseus USB-C HUB Enjoyment CATSXG0G that it can read no reading card slot in a notebook.TFflash reading makes it possible for people. Furthermore, a 3.5mm stereo audio port gives you the opportunity to experience high-fidelity audio and videos.

Hence, HUB has populated ports so there must be some thoughts in customers’ minds that it affects the performance and consumes much time. Thus, it is not so because each function is controlled by a separate chip for smooth working.

NexGen is a heaven of trendy and elegant electronic tools in the country therefore it has something unique and efficient tool for you.  It is NexGen’s promise to equip you with the latest and equally important that make your work more efficient. You Trust and we Deliver.


  • Latest Baseus Product
  • 3 USB ports
  • Double 4K HD Video Interface
  • Gigabit Interface for a more stable connection
  • Type C-flash port supplies 60W power
  • Made up of aluminum alloy for more strength and anti-skidding power