Baseus Enjoyment Pro Car Charger C+Retractable iP Cable 55W

Baseus Enjoyment Pro Car Charger C+Retractable iP Cable 55W

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This product is designed to enhance your charging experience. With its retractable design and 70cm charging cable, you can say goodbye to messy car interiors and tangled wires. Meet the Baseus Enjoyment Pro Car Charger C+Retractable iP Cable 55W which is your ideal partner for charging on the move.
Just pull to charge and pull again to neatly store the cable while maintaining a tidy environment in your car effortlessly. With its ability to charge two devices simultaneously, this charger keeps you and your co-passenger powered up throughout your journey. 
Whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, or any other electronic device, you can easily enjoy fast charging. The Baseus Enjoyment Pro Car Charger supports various fast-charging options including 25W fast charging for iPhones. You don’t have to wait much for your devices to charge, they’ll be full in just an hour. 

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This car charger works smoothly with most vehicle types which operate within a 12V-24V general-purpose range. This charger effortlessly fits into your car’s setup. It supports low-temperature charging that keeps your battery healthy and enhances safety during extended usage. Safety is a top priority, which is why this charger has intelligent trickle charging technology to prevent overcharging and overheating.
Plus, the ambient light makes it look fancy and improves visibility, especially in low-light situations. You can trust that the Baseus Enjoyment Pro Car Charger meets the highest international standards for quality and safety, as it’s verified by CE, FCC, UKCA, and UL.

  • Model No: CCTXP-CL
  • Made from ABS+PC material, it ensures durability and reliability in everyday use.
  • The cable consists of TPE and aluminum alloy, combining flexibility with sturdiness for long-lasting performance.
  • With an input range of DC12-24V and a maximum input of 7.0A, it offers versatile compatibility with various vehicle power systems.
  • Offering a total output of 55W, divided into 30W and 25W across two ports, it ensures efficient charging for multiple devices simultaneously.
  • With a cable length of 70cm, it enables convenient charging within the vehicle
  • Compact in size at 49mmx46mmx84mm, it effortlessly integrates into any car interior without occupying much space.
  • It’s light too, weighing only about 81g




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