Baseus Encok W3 True Wireless Earphones Noise Reduction

Baseus Encok W3 True Wireless Earphones Noise Reduction

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The Perfect Alternative For Airpods Pro

Comfortable Design.
Noise Reduction.
Touch Control.

Clear Calling Experience
Stable Connection & Low-Latency
Up-to 18 Hours Of Battery Life.

Baseus Encok W3 True Wireless Earphones Noise Reduction 18Hrs Play Time – Silk White

We are excited to introduce you to the newest member of the Baseus family – Baseus Encok W3, the most groundbreaking True Wireless Earphones in its class. With our latest revolutionary technology, we have eliminated all interference, which other brands suffer from.

With 18 hrs playtime and superb noise cancellation, Baseus Enock W3 provides even better performance with noise cancellation microphone design.

According to a study by the British Society of Audiology in 2003, a continuous noise at 70 decibels (such as that of a passing truck) can cause permanent hearing damage after only 8 minutes.

Protection from outside noises is essential for music enjoyment. The Baseus Encok W3 True ER-20 Earphones with noise reduction and interruption function can help you enjoy your favourite tunes without all the harmful distractions.

    • Baseus Encok W3 True Wireless Earphones, Super Small Size, Built-in LiPo Battery:
    • About 70mAh, Working Time: About 18Hours, Noise Reduction.
    • New Baseus Encok W3 has been upgraded to the latest version of the Real Wireless Earphone with a more stable Bluetooth chip and enhance the features of Noise Reduction.
    • With soft-touch keys powered by battery for a skip or switch tracks.
  • Easy to use without any APP.