Baseus ComfortRide Series Double-Sided Car Headrest Pillow

Baseus ComfortRide Series Double-Sided Car Headrest Pillow



The Car Headrest Pillow by Baseus isn’t just for travel – it’s about luxury and comfort. Make your drives better with this super comfy Baseus ComfortRide Series Double-Sided Car Headrest Pillow. It has a removable and washable pillowcase, which ensures your travel companion remains clean and fresh trip after trip. Simply unzip, launder it, and it’s as good as new – every time.
This car headrest pillow by Baseus is designed to give your neck great support, like a comfy spa treatment. So, say bye-bye to stiffness and hello to relaxation, even on long trips! Whether you like the cozy microfiber suede or the smooth leather, this pillow adapts to your mood and style. Just flip it over to match your changing preferences or your car’s look with ease. 

Made with top-quality materials, the ComfortRide pillow is classy and durable. It combines soft microfiber suede and shiny leather, making it a timeless addition to your car interior. Immerse yourself in cloud-like softness with a Baseus pillow. Experience pure comfort on every journey with the incredible Baseus accessories for cars.

Quick Specs Of Baseus Car Headrest Pillow:

  • Product Name: Baseus Comfortride series Double-Sided Car Headrest Pillow
  • Model No: TZ-01
  • It is made of high-quality polyester fiber + PU leather suede
  • It has about 250g of total weight
  • Dupont Sorona Fiber used


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Cluster Black, Frosted Gray


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