Baseus Airbag Bumper Strip (Set Of 4pcs, Transparent)

Baseus Airbag Bumper Strip (Set Of 4pcs, Transparent)

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Now you can buy Baseus Airbag Bumper Strip at Baseus Official Store in Pakistan. It is the ultimate solution for vehicle protection. We want the best when we think about keeping our cars safe from scratches. That’s where the Baseus Airbag Bumper Strip comes in. It is designed to make cars safer and more durable than ever before. 

These bumper strips act like a shield for your car, giving it extra protection from scratches and hits. Unlike big and obvious bumper guards, this strip fits smoothly onto your car, keeping it looking stylish and neat. Its anti-collision feature protects your vehicle from small bumps and scratches, saving you money on repairs. Whether you’re squeezing into a tight parking spot or facing crowded city streets, you can have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is protected from harm.
Because of its transparent design, you can easily put these bumper strips wherever you need them on your car. Whether you want to protect your doors, bumpers, or side panels, this strip gives you lots of flexibility and makes things super convenient.
What makes the Baseus Airbag Bumper Strip special is how well it holds up in different weather. It can handle temperatures from -20 to 70 degrees Celsius. Plus, it won’t turn yellow even in high heat or sunlight, so it’ll stay clear and look good for a long time. The Baseus Airbag Bumper Strip is easy to clean thanks to its waterproof design. You can wash your car without worrying about damaging it.

  • It is made of high-material TPU material
  • It is designed for different models
  • It is integrated into the paint’s ambient color
  • It can be placed on car doors, door handles, rearview mirrors, rears, and bumper
  • It protects cars against daily bumps, scratching the adjacent car, scrapping against walls, and more
  • It is wear-resistant, resistant to deformation, and has high elasticity.


Note: Do not wash the car within 24 hours after installation 


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