Baseus A3lite Car Vacuum Cleaner Black

Baseus A3lite Car Vacuum Cleaner Black

17,999.00 15,299.15


Baseus A3lite Car Vacuum Cleaner


Super practical and versatile

A3lite = Car Vacuum + Inflator + Air Pump + Wind Blower


Suction force of 12000Pa

Improved driver system for more powerful performance, just as good as large household vacuums.


Three-phase brushless motor 80,000r/min

Compared with traditional motors, the three-phase brushless motor has excellent conductivity with lower power loss and longer durability.

75°C Heat Resistant, Safe & Reliable

Better battery protection, just store it anywhere in your car, no need to worry about melting, damage, or spontaneous combustion.

4-in-1 design, a whole new experience


Easy-to-empty dust

The dust bin lid opens automatically, so you don’t get your hands dirty when emptying the dust.

Removes cat litter and growls with One Go

Satisfy all your cleaning needs with ease, removing dust and grit in the blink of an eye.


Ultra-lightweight design thinner than a bottle

The diameter of the main body is less than 5.5cm, cordless and compact design with better grip, just like holding a glass of water in your hand.


Combo 1 + 4 Accessories

A Car Vacuum Cleaner That Exceeds Your Expectations

Inflation/Pumping Instructions

1. Remove the dust bin and install the air nozzle on the suction port for air pumping.
2. Install the air nozzle on the bottom of the machine to inflate.
3. The small air nozzle is for swimming rings and yoga balls.
4. The medium air nozzle is for inflatable pool floats and air mattresses.
5. The large air nozzle is for inflatable pools and boats, or use it for the air blower.
6. Silicone air nozzle is for vacuum storage bags.